Rania’s Bio

bellydance orange countyOne of the most famous bellydancers in the world, multi-award winning Rania Bossonis has been dancing most of her life. Rania is also fitness instructor and personal trainer (AFAA and NESTA certified), which gives her dancing and teaching a strong focus on body dynamics and correct form.

Rania has teaches and performs multi-ethnic dance all over the world. She has mastered both Egyptian and Greek/Turkish styles of Bellydance, as well Zar, Khaleegy, Saidi and Persian Dance. She has won two (2) Bellydancer of the Universe Competition Championship titles, and is internationally considered a master teacher. She was one of the original lineup of Bellydance Superstars, and toured with the Superstars in 2003.

Rania’s style is percussive, graceful, passionate and mesmerizing. She has a deep understanding of ethnic music and the folkloric dances that comprise this art form.

Rania currently has 17 Bellydance Workout, Instructional and Choreography videos on the market today. One of her titles, Pure Sweat, was chosen by Essence Magazine and the St. Louis Post as one of the Top Ten Workout Videos of 2004. Rania is author of the book, “Bellydancing for Fitness”.
Rania has appeared on television shows such as NBC Extra, CSI Las Vegas, and Bar Rescue, as well as TV morning shows in Chile, Mexico and Panama. Rania also appeared in the Nancy Ajram video, “Sheik El Shabab”. Rania has been interviewed by Time, Shape and Forbes Magazines.
Rania currently teaches locally in Orange County, CA. She teaches workshops internationally, and gives online video lessons via Skype.